Extensions come in many shapes and sizes. In our experience most clients know what they ultimately want to achieve with regard to the use of the new space, but may need a little help with the technical side of the design.

This is where we come in, with our experience we can work with you to design the extension you have dreamed of. We use architects, structural engineers and interiors designers to provide a complete service with ourselves as the co-ordinators of this work, leaving you to carry on with your everyday lives without the worry of trying to project manage this process.

Having a builder in this process does have a major advantage this being access to pricing throughout. No matter what type of project it is you will always have a budget and having somebody in the design process that will build it, means that if  you were to decide on any design change, we would be able to cost this for you, keeping you in touch with the overall cost at all times.

This removes the problem of designing something that ultimately is not within your budget. If you have your own architect who is working with you to design it we are more than happy to provide any additional information that they require 

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Hurstbourne Priors

Hurstbourne Priors 2

Hurstbourne Tarrant Grade II Listed